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In this day and age with so many different types of professionals  and services available, it is not uncommon for individuals .seeking therapy, to want to meet their therapist, in person, before committing to any particular therapist or practice. To address this growing need, Dr. Mandell has decided to make available the option of  a brief in office pre-evaluation consultation for those who do want to do more extensive hands on "research" and have the opportunity to ask questions in person .

 If you* have decided that you are ready for a psychiatric evaluation for medication management and/or psychotherapy or for weight managment services, and would like to schedule  an appointment  with Dr. Mandell, here are some steps to help guide you in the process and address questions of practice procedure.  

I.  Scheduling an Initial Appointment :

To request  an initial appointment , please call Dr. Mandell at the office number below and leave your name, call back number and the reason for your request and referral source. Dr. Mandell does not accept referrals electronically.

The first appointment with Dr. Mandell is usually a daytime appointment . Dr. Mandell has found that patients are more alert during the day hours and results of the examination, often superior. After the initial evaluation process, Dr. Mandell will do her best, subject to availability, to accomodate patient request, with regard to appointment day and time.


II.  Preparing for The First Visit:

It is recommended that you and/or your referring professional provide Dr. Mandell with a brief description of your condition and your reason(s) for seeking therapy. Telephone communication (Voice message 212 988-5400, a private secure number) is recommended for privacy reasons and optimal patient confidentiality.

Dr. Mandell be available for a brief telephone discussion, upon request, to address questions about her office professional fees and billing practice.


     A. Registration Forms: 

There will be  forms to fill out in the office on the first day of arrival, as part of the registration process. They will include forms that give consent and medical information, all of which are necessary for Dr. Mandell to have on file  for optimal clinical care and management planning. Please make sure that you have your insurance  and pharmacy information available beforehand as well as the credit card and number you wish to bring to the office to keep on file.   To  expedite the registration process. a registration form is available below for your convenience. Please complete and either fax it (212 988-5404, a secure private fax) or bring it  to the consultation appointment . In any case, it will be necessary to provide the credit information before the appointment.

    B. Insurance Coverage for Dr. Mandell's Sevices:

Like most New York City psychiatrists,. Dr. Mandell is an out of net-work provider, which means she does not contract with any insurance compnies. Likewise, she is not enrolled in nor accepts Medicare insurance.  Clarification about your insurance , professional fees and payment options is highly recommended prior to your initial appointment to prevent any miscommunications or unexpected charges.If you have out of network coverage, Dr. Mandell will provide you with a monthly properly coded invoice or bill for you submission to your insurance carrier for reimbursement, unless other arrangements have been made.

Calling your Insurance Carrier directly to find out details about you coverage, if you have an insurance plan with out of network benefits: 

Important questions to ask would include: 1) if you have out of network coverage; 2) if you have a deductible and the amount and how much you have met to date; 3)what percentage of the fees do you cover before your out of pocket is met, i.e. your coinsurance  until the insurance company pays 100% of what they allow for the billed services ; 4) what your insurance company /plan allows as/ deems “reasonable and customary”  , which means the rate at which they will reimburse for your therapy; and  finally, 5) what forms you need to submit claims and the address for submission of the claims, the expected turnaround time for processing and payment of claims; and in what time period must claims be submitted/filed after which they will be denied for consideration for reimbursement (this may vary, but the time is typically 6 months from the date of service).

You may be asked a specific procedure code as well as a zip code to determine the reimbursement rate. It is improtant to know that each insurance plan allocates different amounts of allowable reimbursement coverage, based on length of time, level of intensity of clinical managment and care, for the different types of services provided. Dr. Mandell will provide you with this information and do her best to assist you in this process. 


III. The Initial Consultation Day:

It is important to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointed time. Dr. Mandell will come out personally to greet you and give you  forms needed to complete registration. This will allow you time to complete the forms and allow for the consultation to begin as promptly as possible to allow for the full length of time appropriated for you. Dr. Mandell typically allots 45-50 minutes for the  initial evaluation. Dr. Mandell believes it is important for her not to not direct the first visit, but to allow you the opportunity to gain a sense of comfortability in a new environment with a new therapist so that you can freely present your reasons for the visit and  not feel rushed or controlled. To complete a full assessment and formulate a treatment plan and recommendation, it is often necessary to require more than one full session.There are specific pieces of your personal medical and social and academic history as well as, when pertinent, your family history,  that are useful and necessary to formulate your individually designed plan for optimal success in achieving therapy goals.

Payment is due at the time of service, unless other arrangments have been met. Please remember to bring some form of payment  at the time of the first visit. Cash, check and credit card are all acceptable forms of payment. Regardless of the form of payment, a valid credit card number will be kept securely on file in Dr. Mandell's private office.

*In all places where "you" is used, this may be interchanged with "your child" or "your dependent”, as applicable.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment: 
(212) 988-5400
                                                                 Fax: (212) 988-5404