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Information about patients is confidential  and is subject to the guidelines established by HIPPA laws. Dr. Mandell's office follows the Health Insurance Portability &

Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) requirements to ensure for patient medical record confidentiality and control over how the health information is used. 

An office copy of the HIPPA privacy Practice laws is available for review , upon request. Acknowledgment of the Privacy laws and guidelines will be

requested of each patient before commencement of therapy.


Permission to release information to other healthcare providers will be requested by Dr. Mandell for optimal coordination of patient care. Authorization for release of

information, when appropriate, will be obtained from the patient/ guardian/ parent, either with written or verbal consent.


Phone is the preferred method of contacting Dr. Mandell for both privacy and optimal clinical care reasons. A consent form is available for agreement and request to

allow for other forms of communication to include telephone, text, e-mail, and physical mail for routine matters such as scheduling, billing, and medication requests.



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