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The cancer journey is an uncharted course which has the potential for having an untoward psychological and emotional impact at any stage along the way….from those very first words: “you or your loved one has cancer” to surviving the cancer diagnosis in a disease free or treatment controlled or symptom managed state. Distressing feelings and emotions, such as anxiety, fear, depression, low self-esteem, anger, shame, and guilt may result in disturbances which affect one’s overall sense of wellbeing and coping mechanisms with regard decision making, tolerating  therapy, sleep and eating habits, relationship intimacy, and work and school performance.

Psycho-oncology is a subspecialty of cancer which deals with the emotional and psychological needs and symptoms of patients at all stages of the their illness and the stresses on their loved ones and clinical treating staff. Psycho-oncologists are behavioral health( e.g. psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, art therapists) and allied professionals (e.g.Clergy) who are trained and available to meet the non-physical aspects of cancer.

                                                                                                               Psycho-Oncology Practice:

Dr. Mandell, as a dual boarded psychiatrist and radiation oncologist, is trained to both treat and understand the physical aspects of cancer as well as to identify and manage the psychological and emotional impact of cancer's stressful, frightening and, often times, overwhelming on physical affronts. In keeping with her expertise as a treating oncologist, psycho-oncology remains a primary focus of Dr. Mandell's psychiatry practice. Consultations and treatment will be tailored to address specific needs of those individuals directly or indirectly affected by cancer. The mission of  Dr. Mandell's psycho-oncology practice is to alleviate cancer- related psychological distress with  1)educational support, advise and guidance; 2) psychotherapeutic intervention; and, when necessary,3) psychiatric medications, such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, and sleep aids. She offers the following services in this practice:

          Individual and Group Psychotherapy, including, but not limited to, Supportive  therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Family and Relationship therapy.
          Medication management, when clinically indicated. Of importance in the psychiatric management of cancer patients is Dr. Mandell's ability to deliver safe psychopharmacologic therapy
in addition to   psychotherapy and psycho-oncology consulting services. Her dual expertise and training in oncology and psychiatry and knowledge of psycho-pharmacology allows her to not only recognize psychiatric, non- physical and emotional symptoms and underlying psychiatric disorders in cancer patients, but, when indicated, to treat them with safely with carefully chosen psychiatric medications which take into account drug-drug interactions to prevent unsafe and undesired reactions, Many cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy. hormonal and radiotherapy and as well, may have co-morbid medical and psychiatric diseases/disorders for which medication management is required and whose effective and safe doses may be negatively impacted by certain psychiatric drugs if not carefully selected and prescribed.

           Educational consultative oncologic services to address specific issues, concerns and questions that may arise during the cancer journey: from the initial diagnosis and work-up testing and studies, to treatment and treatment options and side-effects of, to cancer -specific related variables (e.g., stage of disease, pathology and prognostic factors) to the risk of and treatment available options for relapse/recurrence of the disease to living with cancer recovery and survival.